I’m a designer based in Slovakia. I specialize in graphic design, branding, packaging design and illustration. 

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Packaging design

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Well crafted design goes far beyond visually pleasing graphics. Packaging design is about telling stories.  Each feature of the product carries some message and all these messages combined shape how the product is perceived by a customer. Right words, colors, typefaces, materials and many other ingredients are carefully mixed to distill the story right to its essence.

Branding and identity

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Designing brands is a very delicate craft. Your brand is your child and giving it to someone else’s hands must be truly frightening! But unfortunately you must let it go and trust your designer’s choices the way you would trust your doctor’s. These choices are not momentary whims, they are considerate, educated choices, crafted with love and care.

Arts & Illustration

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I illustrate all of my design projects myself. I see it as vital in order to achieve continuity from one element to another. This way I can fine tune every aspect of the design, including the illustration, to create a coherent whole. In opposite to a common practice I strive not to develop any particular artistic style, but rather to adjust it to each project’s needs.

Digital design

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In collaboration with a great team of programmers I help my clients design digital products such as apps and websites. We usually cover everything from initial ideation to concept development to final production. We take great care so that you as an administrator have as much fun using the product as your users do.

3D visualization

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Could there be a better way of assessing designed product than seeing it in “real” life? Using 3D imaging software, I can simulate materials and real world lighting conditions so you can see your graphics applied even before you send them to the printer.

Editorial and Book design

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Good book design lies somewhere between science and art. Perfect typography depends on harmony between all of its elements. It must conform to many rules, yet it must dance to the rhytm of the script. It truly is the most brittle of all arts.

Other works

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