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Pacífico rum

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Pacífico is a delicate, oak aged, 10-year-old Panamanian rum. It is everything you ever wanted from a high quality Caribbean rum. With its sweet, smooth, fruity taste and gorgeous dark gold coloring, it is the embodiment of warm sunny shores of Panama.

The design concept we’ve created hints at the complex history of the Caribbean rum. The upper curve of the name on the bottle is the curvature of the earth encircling a deep blue ocean. Above it, stands the mighty Bridge of the Americas, connecting two American continents. Below the main logo is an empty horizon line with a boat approaching in a distance and splashing blue waves at the shores.

Two sharp points represent the Panama Canal that connects the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean at the bottom. The imagery on the left represents European colonial conquerors and newly established trade routes, while the imagery on the right depicts Native American cultures. These two opposing sides stand at the birth of the story of famous Caribbean rums. With such a detailed label, we wanted for the customer to feel a sense of discovery, to remind them of a heritage of the great explorers.

The technologically complex metallic label uses 5 different embossing and debossing elevations and profiles along with several hues of gold and varnishing types to get all the variations and contrast necessary.

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