TatraTea is a living legend. Being one of the most succesfull brands in Slovakia, it is no doubt they do their work incredibly well. By incorporating stories deep into the core of their products, they always manage to get you by the heart.

TATRATEA’s bottle with its remarkable design is undoubtedly the key element of its success. Naturally, to create a packaging design for something that shouldn’t be covered is a tough-nut-to-crack, if we wanted to avoid using trasparent—cheap looking materials. These materials become litter in the second you take the product out and have no further use—which is a thing I wanted to avoid as well.

I’ve designed a packaging which copies the form of the bottle and carries its graphics in the original proportions. This creates an instant familirarity and pays tribute to the original design, rather than trying to catch up with it. The paper tube has minimal environmental footprint and is reusable for storage.