The logo has been designed as a subtle reminder of the hotel’s unique architecture and one if its key qualities—great food.

The design process began with photographing the building from various angles, re-sketching the object, and trying to capture the most dynamic composition. The final logo incorporates several forms: As a whole it copies a silhouette of the most prominent feature of the town – the local castle, while in the same time it forms the letter R. It is further divided into two shapes, reminding the common symbol of food – a knife and a fork. The tines of the fork carry a slightly hidden reminder of the hotel’s unique architecture.

The graphic part of the logo is centered on an assymetrical round shape, inspired by an old-fashioned wax seals. The used typography playfully corresponds with the curved endings of the graphic elements. The color pallete is based on an outer facade of the hotel. The “fork” component has been used also as a corporate element, used on products of lesser importance, so the prominence of the logo is not hampered by overuse.