Branding and marketing of development project of enormous proportions, spreading over 430 000 m2, creating a modern hillside neighbourhood for young famillies.

The owner of a large plot of land situated in a prime location asked me to help him to get his ideas a visual form, which could than be shared with foreign investors. The project – architectural plans, infrastracture, permits and paperwork were already in place, now the project was in need of its visual image to be presented via printed and digital media.

The core material we began developing was a 50-page hardcover booklet, introducing the project step by step, so even a reader who is totally unfamiliar with the concept, can gradually grasp it, without any frustration. Since the key audience were foreign investors, we needed to step as far back as possible to be able to paint the whole picture.

The first pages are to briefly introduce Slovak republic, its location, weather, natural beauty and economic suitability for future investment. The next part takes reader a bit closer and describes specific features of the region which is followed by a brief introduction to the project itself. Central pages cover details of the project, after which we begin to zoom out again. Silver ink is used to extentuate important aspects on a large scale (outside the project), while a gold ink helps to communicate the crucial aspects of development itself. Both add not only to the logic of the document but they also help to elevate a perceived value of it.

All other marketing materials have been based on the visual language developed while creating the booklet. You can see a glimpse of some below (business cards, responsive website, rollup, brochure, etc.)