Award winning exhibition stand, blending two complementary products into single, cohesive brand. Karloff’s exhibition stand has been designed to showcase two core products of the brand side by side. Czechoslovakia Vodka with its crystal clear quality but complex and detailed bottle design forms a complementary relationship with Tatra Tea, which has a much more defined flavor but is rather minimalist in design. The requirement was to present each product as a separate brand, yet it was necessary to achieve a sort of a blend of the two.

The space has been designed around a central triangular pillar with an obtuse inner angle, forming two sections joined by an X-shaped bar. To create an optical weight of the structure, we added another section of about one third of height of vertical walls, tilting slightly forward as bow of a boat which adds dynamic quality to the whole object. This “roofing” also accommodates lightning for a bar section. Two sides of the bar cross and end with product displays, while the middle space is enclosed with a logo-box, which stands in bold contrast with the rest of the structure, both by round forms and material/color. Seating for clients is deliberately situated right under the large product showcase. Near tripod lights keep this area clear from passers-by.