Czechoslovakia Vodka is a true memento of the brotherhood of two, once united nations. Design of the product captures the shared journey through contrasts, that merge in a complete harmony. Inspiration comes from early 20th century graphics, woodcuts, old maps, but also from works of contemporary local artists. Along the Morava river, the design captures both countries, their landscapes, architecture, fertile soil, mystical forests and majestic mountains. Deep blue-green serves as a symbol of slovak nature, while gold and silver epitomize czech wit and intellect.

The cornerstone ideological element is a positive memory. The use of all the visual elements, is based on a revival of something past, in a new, modern form. While creating the design, it was essential to create a product, which will not be subdued by trends and with passing time its magic will continue to mature. The fundamental contrast is the complexity of the product‘s design with the simplicity of brand’s communication and visual presentation. This duality is present also in the design itself, where the complexity of the drawing contrasts with the simple typography, which as a whole, again contrasts with the minimalist form of the bottle.

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