The one thing we all share, the earth, yet we teach our children nothing about how to care for it.

ZSE energy company needed to design and develop an educative game to teach children about how we produce our energy, how it is transferred and used, what it means when the energy is green and how to reduce your personal own ecological footprint through mindful energy consumption.

Each branch of the ZSE is to be equipped with a set of touchscreens, incorporated into a large eye-catching wall-mounted panels. These are printed with a high resolution detailed illustration of “Energy heroes”, set in bold contrast colors, to be sure to attract child’s attention. The illustration depicts the Energy heroes caught in a situation of rising sea levels from one side and approaching ice age from the opposite.

The application includes several basic children games, that kids are very familiar with, re-designed to serve the educative purpose, without trying to teach actively. The story of the game revolves around 6 “Energy heroes”, where each of the heroes guides the player throughout his own game. Game design includes around 100 tailored illustrations.