Design by Brian Males

The trueness of the object to its original function is the prerequisite for its form to be generally perceived as beautiful. Beauty is a concept. It is a sum of all the emotions, based on a sum of all the information, that are stored in a collective memory regarding a given object. If the object lacks value, which is defined by how well it performs its original function, it can never achieve timelessness, nor beauty. It is soon to be obsolete, once the truth—the underlying emptiness—becomes transparent.

Thoughtlessness gives a way to decoration, which is never a design, unless the decoration itself is the function, or it serves as a method for achieving the function. Adding anything without a well defined reason creates ugliness, once the truth is revealed. If the creator is honest, the work will remain truly beautiful, even after the previous truth has been updated or replaced, as the beauty originates in morality, which is timeless, rather than in exact formulas, which are ever-changing.

Brian Males studied design at Coventry University, School of Arts and Design. In 2017 he was awarded with the Red Dot Design Award for outstanding design quality. He is also a winner of UK’s Adobe Photoshop National Championship by ADOBE®. His projects are often published by major design related sites, magazines and blogs. Brian specializes in graphic and product design, packaging design, illustration, web and UX design, branding and corporate identity, photography, 3D modelling and visualisation, or just about anything visual you can think of.