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Czechoslovakia vodka

An award winning design for premium vodka brand. Czechoslovakia Vodka is a memento of brotherhood of two once united nations. Design is composed of a detailed illustration of two countries separated by Morava river. The scenery depicts golden fields, clear rivers, typical architecture of towns, deep forests, hills and mountains.

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Lúčky Gin

Lúčky is a premium gin infused with handpicked herbs and botanicals from local meadows. Word „Lúčky“ means „meadows“ in the native language of the gin's origin. However, non-native speaker would read the word as „Lucky“, so we created this little play on words, where the design reflects both meanings of the word.

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For the past year or so I’ve been working on packagings for TATRATEA’s line of gift products. While working on these we were trying to establish some sort of decorative design language which would work well across various applications. Resulting decorative elements are loosely based on traditional slovak folklore ornaments. Graphics on these packaging slightly differ in style which is the result of a continous search for the right ornaments for branding of the TATRATEA products.

//bottle design


Screen printed bottle label for a premium beer brand. The goal of the design was to communicate the complex art of brewing beer. To depict the magic that happens when the right ingredients, flavours and aromas are mixed and processed by a true symphony of delicate chemical reactions.

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