Other projects

//Automotive design


The aim of the project was to conduct deep analysis of design language of a broad variety of italian car manufacturers (Alfa Romeo, Ferarri, Bandini, Ghia, Moretti, Ermini, Nardi, etc.) and Italian design houses (Pininfarina, Bertone, Zagato, etc. ) over the years 1940–1980. I explored how their forms evolved and what were the drives behind these changes. To understand the triggers of various design movents it was fundamental to study the development in manufacturing processes over the years.To be able to comprehend the overall essence of the italian automotive design of that period, it was essential to dedicate a large portion of the research to cultural, and artistic heritage of the region.

//Expo design


For Karloff I’ve designed an award winning expo stand, presenting two of their most popular products – Czechoslovakia Vodka and Tatratea. Thanks to it’s triangular shape, both brands can be presented separately, depending on where you stand. They only cross symbolically at the bar, where the connection is capped off with Karloff’s logo.

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